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Anton Dabbs on a Motorcycle

Anton Dabbs

Anton Dabbs is a car and motorcycle enthusiast, and is very knowledgeable on this subject. This page is devoted to some of his favorite motor vehicles.  Please have a look around the photo gallery to see some of his favorite motorcycles and cars.

If it has wheels and a motor, Anton Dabbs is interested.  He is interested in the whole thing – the outside design, whether vintage, brand new, or even a futuristic concept design; and of course the inside from the motor down to even the tiniest part.  He has restored these vehicles in the past, and has even made a career out of inspecting used vehicles, so Anton Dabbs is very familiar with all the intricacies of all the parts of cars and motorcycles.

In addition to being responsible for spawning a successful career, this favorite hobby has also led to interest in another hobby.  Anton Dabbs became intrigued by photography during a period of time when he was taking pictures of cars and motorcycles for inspection purposes.  He now regularly takes photographs recreationally of motorcycles, cars, and any other subject he feels like snapping a picture of.  As stated above, you can see some of the photos of his cars and motorcycles here on this website, and more photos of other subjects on his photography website, which is accessible through the links section of this page.

Over the years, Anton Dabbs has owned many cars and motorcycles and he never misses an opportunity to catch an auto show, or a race, or to spend an afternoon poking around a motorcycle shop.  Anton Dabbs also belongs to a local bike club in the Twin Cities and takes advantage of any sunny Minnesota summer day to get out and cruise around on his 2013 Harley Fatboy Slim.

So please enjoy the website.  Anton Dabbs sincerely hopes he can share his enthusiasm for cars and motorcycles here with you.